Sport Fishing in Dubai - Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai
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Sea Breacher

Is it a shark or is it an adventure machine? The Seabreacher with its unique body looks like a metallic shark and is best described as a two-seater aircraft-like machine. You can sit with an instructor in this adventure pod that will take you on a thrilling ride at a speed of 55 mph on the water surface, and then dive down to five feet in depth. But that’s not all; it will instantly fly into the air up to 18 feet. That’s a water sport only for the strong-hearted!

Ride in the personal submarine that can go under water and glide on the surface with a mind-boggling speed of 100 kmph. The personal submersible submarine moves like a dolphin. And guess what, this submarine is air-conditioned like most of the things in Dubai.  This surely will be one of a kind experience.