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Exhilarating EFoil Rental in Dubai

Do you want to know what’s better than riding? Levitating!

Traveling over the surface of water raised at a certain level is a truly remarkable experience. An electric foil or EFoil does precisely that. A propeller-powered electric surfboard that uses a foil to hover over the water.

If you are excited to hear all of this, then the next thing to do is try out an EFoil. Whether a beginner or a seasoned pro, the EFoil packs a punch for all. Experience sea surfing from an exciting angle.

Explore the EFoil

This water sport might sound out of a star wars movie, but it is a flying surfboard. An eFoil derives power from an advanced and sophisticated lithium-ion polymer battery. The battery drives a silent electric motor that is adjacently attached to the hydrofoil. You only need a handheld remote paired to the eFoil via Bluetooth to control the surfboard. Get on the surfboard with the remote in hand – you are good to go.

Rediscover the Mesmerizing Dubai Sealine with the eFoil

The hydrofoil water board utilizes the water below to generate a lift identical to an aeroplane. When the propeller starts cutting through water and picking up speed, pressure on top of the wing reduces as the pressure on top rises. The pressure difference, along with the shape of the hydrofoil, effectively creates a lift. The top of the foil has a pointed shape which allows the foil to maneuver easily over the water surface. So, you can surf, travel and fly over the seas with an EFoil.

Highlights of our EFoil Rental in Dubai

Now that you are ready to start your first eFoil ride let us discuss a few details. Safety is essential for all water sports, and an EFoil is no different. We recommend prior eFoil lessons with our skilled and professional trainers to ensure a great riding experience.

Major EFoil manufacturers recommend a standard weight and ideal age for people who can ride an EFoil. Personal protective equipment like a helmet and a safety vest can protect you from sudden impacts with the water while riding. Our rental EFoils have the following salient features

  • Riders aged above 16 and below 117 kgs are recommendable for eFoil.
  • Better aerodynamic design
  • Extended ride time
  • Seamless and smooth propulsions
  • Silent operation
  • Automatic low power setting for a safe return to shore

We offer exciting and competitive pricing for our EFoil rental booking.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does EFoil need prior experience or skills?

You do not require any prior riding experience for an EFoil. We will take through the EFoil and prepare you for the ride.

What is the riding difficulty of an EFoil?

Unlike its shape and structure, an EFoil is relatively easy to ride on. The riding experience resembles surfing, skateboarding, and wakeboarding to a certain extent. However, our team is always here to guide you if you do not have any prior understanding.

What is the rent of an EFoil?

The pricing of an eFoil starts from AED 600 to 1800, depending upon the number of people and ride duration.