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Private Luxury Yachts Dubai Prices

Step into a world of luxury and sophistication on our private luxury yachts in Dubai, offering an exclusive haven to unwind, celebrate, and create cherished moments amidst the picturesque Dubai coastline.



AED 500 / Hour
  • 39 ft
  • 1 Cabins
  • 10 Guest


Azimut 42 FT

AED 550 / Hour
  • 42 ft
  • 2 Cabins
  • 12 Guest



AED 600 / Hour
  • 44 ft
  • 3 Cabins
  • 12 Guest

Yacht Events in Dubai Marina

Looking to host a memorable event that stands out from the rest? Beach Riders Dubai yacht rental service offers the perfect venue for all types of occasions in Dubai. Whether it’s a birthday bash, corporate gathering, engagement celebration, or any special event, our lavish yachts provide a stunning backdrop to make your moments truly unforgettable. Sail the waters of Dubai in style and create cherished memories with your loved ones.

Premium Yachts in Dubai Prices

Our Dubai premium yachts are meticulously crafted to cater to your every desire. From spacious decks ideal for socializing to opulent interiors for relaxation, each detail is thoughtfully designed to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. 

CODE 8 164 FT Yacht in Dubai

CODE8 164 FT

AED 16,000 / Hour
  • 164 ft
  • 12 Cabins
  • 20 Guest

SENSATION 164 FT Yacht in Dubai


AED 18,000 / Hour
  • 164 ft
  • 10 Cabins
  • 20 Guest

Additional Services

Elevate Your Experience with Our Exclusive Selection of Additional Services in Dubai!


From AED 200 More


From AED 200 More Watersports


From AED 200 More


From AED 200 More


From AED 200 More

Deep Sea Fishing

From AED 200 More About Sea Fishing

Frequently asked Questions

We have compiled a list of questions that we often hear from our guests

Yacht rental in Dubai is renting a yacht for a specified period of time for personal or commercial use.

Yacht rental in Dubai is renting a yacht for a specified period of time for personal or commercial use.

A variety of yachts are available for rental in Dubai, including luxury yachts, private & premium yachts, motor yachts, sailing yachts, and catamaran yachts.

The yacht rental package in Dubai typically includes the yacht, crew, fuel, and many more. Some packages may also include additional services such as decoration, photography, transportation, catering, entertainment and water sports equipment. To know more visit yacht details page.

No, you do not need a license to rent a yacht in Dubai. However, some yacht rental companies may require you to have a minimum level of boating experience.

Yes, Yacht is safe in Dubai to rent.

The minimum age requirement for yacht rental in Dubai may vary depending on the yacht rental company. Some companies may have a minimum age of 21, while others may require all passengers to be over 18 years old. At Beach Riders Dubai we require 18 years old minimum.

You can book a yacht rental in Dubai through the website or over the phone of a yacht rental company. Some companies may also allow you to book through a travel agent. At Beach Riders Dubai, you can book from the website and Call/WhatsApp us at +971 588 224 410

The cost of yacht rental in Dubai varies depending on the type of yacht, the rental period, and the included services. Yacht rental prices can range from a few thousand dirhams for a half-day rental to several tens of thousands of dirhams for a full-day rental on a luxury yacht. For more details Call/WhatsApp us at +971 588 224 410

Any types of bathing suits, most important is to wear something you feel comfortable with. During cool season, we can also provide limited supply of windbreakers jackets

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