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Adventure Riding in Dubai

In Dubai, you can try a variety of exciting water-based adventure activities and this level of excitement cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world, which is the reason why adventure sports are an important factor that makes Dubai an interesting holiday destination. Bring out the daredevil in you as you try some of the most satisfying activities in Dubai. It is, undoubtedly, one of the best places to experience extreme adventures like parasailing and flyboarding.

Beach Riders Dubai provides all sorts of adventure activities including hoverboarding, jetovators, Jetpacks, Fly Boards, Flyboard Rental Dubai, Water Skiing, Kite Surfing,  fly fishing, Parasailing and much more.

Get Your Adrenaline Running With the Best Adventure Rides In Dubai

Dubai may be tantamount to the Arabian Desert but of late it has turned out to be a favorite destination for water babies across the globe. With its massive coastline, excellent beach facilities, and calm waters of the Arabian Sea, Dubai is fast becoming an international water adventure destination.

At Beach Riders Dubai, we’re dedicated to bringing you a wide range of water adventure rides in Dubai that’ll make an unforgettable experience. Whatever water adventure you are after, you name it and we’ll make it happen with the help of our professional crew.

Go on a parasailing ride:

Go on a parasailing ride to experience a breathtaking view of Dubai like never before. Enjoy a bird’s eye view of Dubai’s iconic landmarks, luxury buildings, and other sceneries including the famous Jumeriah Beach Residence. Feel the warm breeze as you parasail 100-150m above the sea.

Bring out the superpower in you with flyboarding:

Believe us, this adventure ride in Dubai will make you feel like you’ve superpowers. In this water adventure you stand on a jetpack with a power-packed motor that propels you high up in the sky. Don’t fear, you will be guided by one of our experienced instructors!

Try kitesurfing and feel the sheer power of the wind:

Dubai is hands down the most ideal destination for kitesurfing because of its perfect weather condition. Feel the sheer power of the wind as you harness the power of the wakeboard. Kitesurfing is one of those water activities that you can specialize in in just a few lessons, especially when our experienced instructors are by your side.

Add more adventure to your trip with wakeboarding in Dubai:

This is yet another adventure ride in Dubai you must give a try. If you’re done with water skiing and in search of a tougher challenge, wakeboarding has to be that adventure. Wakeboarding is more challenging in comparison to water skiing as you have the luxury to indulge in stunts & other acrobatics on a wakeboard.

Besides these above-mentioned activities, Beach Riders Dubai can arrange all sorts of adventure rides in Dubai with absolute professionalism. Feel free to have a look at our Dubai adventure ride packages and we are sure that you won’t be disappointed.

Don’t wait anymore! Pick your date, get your backpack ready and ensure to include at least one of these aforementioned water adventures on your next trip to Dubai.