Tips that make your sportfishing trip a delightful experience

Fishing is all about anticipation, using appropriate techniques & gears to get praise on a big catch. It is one of the intriguing water activities that the locals and vacationers prefer in Dubai. A Dubai trip is incomplete without sport fishing and water sports activities at JBR. If you love water and the expansive sea view, you must spare some time to elevate your experience by adding sport fishing to it. It is one of the best places for you to take up the sport fishing and water adventure activities that make your journey truly memorable! Let’s discuss a few guidelines that help you make your sport fishing in Dubai truly flourish.

Fishing is an adventure water activity for everyone. To facilitate this, we provide a luxurious yacht in Dubai to enable fishing under the sun and then cook the catch on the yacht. Its mesmerizing smell will surely make you rejoicing. Moreover, if you are a fan of a giant fishing game during the day or night, our sport fishing package lets you get your desired big catch. Thus, we allow you to enjoy your journey under the sun, moon and make it an unforgettable expedition in your life.

You should know the type of fish that you want to catch on your sport fishing trip in Dubai. The Gulf water in Dubai is a house to more than 500 marine species, including sailfish, kingfish, blacktip sharks, parrotfish, groupers, etc. Dubai itself is considered the largest destination of sailfish in the world! However, you must know the basics about the diet, biology, and habits of the fish you wish to catch in your sport fishing activity. You need to understand the three R’s (research, record, and read information) before starting your sport fishing in Dubai.

The finest guide to make your sport fishing in Dubai is selecting the best location. There are the areas such as submerged wood or rocks and structures like humps in shallow water. It would be best to search for the precise spot where you are guaranteed to make a catch. We have vast experience in such water adventure activities, and we do it daily. We help you find the best place where you must find your first catch. Some of the best places to try your sportfishing luck in Dubai are Garhoud Bridge, Maktoum Bridge, Jumeirah 1, Jumeirah 2, Jumeirah Beach Residences, Al Sufouh Beach, Ghantout, Shindagha Tunnel, Dubai Creek, Beyond Jebel Ali Free Zone, and Dibba.

Fishing in Dubai needs a variety of equipment, the best line, hooks, and quality gear. Unfortunately, most of you’ll probably not have it by your side, especially if you are a foreigner. Your equipment doesn’t need to be the most expensive, but always consider that you get what you pay for. It doesn’t mean that cheap fishing equipment will not do the work. Just concentrate on the quality assistance. We provide quality sport fishing gears for our clients in Dubai, ensuring their quality and reliability. It will assure you of getting your catch successfully.

To be successful in catching the fish, you should not have loose knots. So, we guide you through tying good knots and retying them often. Sharpening the hooks with a suitable sharpening file after catching a few fish is ideal for getting big catches. Changing your equipment or fishing gear after every one or two fishing trips seems helpful in getting a better opportunity. If you are confused about using the lures, we guide you to select the best one based on water clarity or color. Our expert will help you with the bait and equipment you need to use in different locations you go for sport fishing.

At what time you want to go to try your lock to achieve the best catch? The time and weather for sport fishing are vital to get some good catches in less time. Our recommended best times are thirty minutes after sunset, sunrise, moonrise, and moonset. We plan the sport fishing tour based on your flexibility. We never guarantee that you will have a good catch on each fishing trip in Dubai. We advise you to have some patience, and you must get the catch you desire. But your catch gives you the pleasure that you must wish to share with family and friends. It’s truly unique!

It is necessary to follow all the guidelines and regulations and be responsible for everything you do. We guide you in this regard and remain careful to keep you safe while on the water. Unfortunately, many boating accidents occur every year, and people get injured or even lose their lives. We recommend wearing a life jacket and enjoy your sport fishing adventure. We also offer you the knowledge regarding the weather & how it’ll impact your sport fishing.

Sport fishing in Dubai is fun, but it is only possible if you have the most reliable charter and guidance. Get in touch with our expert team who help you plan your next sport fishing adventure in Dubai. We assure you will come back home with some memories that you won’t want to forget soon. For any help, don’t hesitate to reach us at +971 588 224 410.

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