Your Guide to the Best Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai

Prepare yourself for a spectacular fishing journey in Dubai, a city with a thriving fishing industry that is eager for you to explore it.

Types of Fishing in Dubai

Shore fishing, deep sea fishing, and kayak fishing are skills that can be useful to any kind of fishing; thus, any angler can be sure that the process works for them. Learn to use a hook and go deep into the azure waters of the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman for active fishing for kingfish, Hamo, swordfish, cobia, and barracuda.

Deep Sea fishing in Dubai

Best Fishing Spots in Dubai

Whatever your level of expertise, be it a fishing professional or a novice, Dubai is the best place for relaxing and having fun fishing. Taking part in deep sea fishing while enjoying the beauty of the ocean is the best way to go. It is a wonderful way to have fun by the sea and the joy of living. 

Highlights of Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai

Dubai is well known as a top destination for deep-sea fishing. Below are the major advantages of Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai:

  • Discover the Beauty of the Persian Gulf: You will have the pleasure of seeing the splendor of the sea from the depths of the Persian Gulf.
  • Sailfish Destination: Dubai is one of the famous sites for sailfish fishing all over the world, making it a premier spot for deep sea fishing.
  • Learn from the Experts: The most appropriate way to acquire new fishing tips and tricks from fishing experts is to discover the best fishing spots and thus, improve your fishing skills.
  • Catch Rare Fish: Experience an exciting adventure where you could catch barracuda, Sudan Ibrahim, king/queen fish, and other unusual and diverse fish.
  • Calm Ambiance of the Deep: Enjoy the deep, warm waters and the relaxing environment that Dubai offers, making it an ideal place to unwind.

boat fishing dubai

Professional Guidance and State-of-the-Art Equipment

With Beach Riders Dubai, you can bring your imagination to life. We provide heritage fishing gear and boats that are sure to offer pleasure and excitement for everyone. Our fishing specialists, who have years of experience, are prepared to instruct you on how to raise your fishing skills and knowledge.

  • Upgrade the Best Boat: Beach Riders Dubai is recognized for having the most excellent boats for Dubai fishing. Our boats are fitted with the best fishing equipment, suitable for a unique and memorable experience with friends and family.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment and Training: We provide customers with modern fishing equipment and the best trained staff to ensure the most exciting fishing experience. Our boats are equipped with everything needed to make your sea journey great.

For more information, check out The Ultimate Guide to Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai: Tips, Tricks, and Must-Knows.

Boat Fishing in Dubai

Check the Weather

In order to get the best results, look at the weather to ensure good fishing conditions. Dubai’s long sunny days make deep sea fishing a pleasure all year round, setting it apart from other locations. The ideal times for fishing are morning, dusk, dawn, or night to attain the highest results.

Deep Sea Fishing Trips Dubai

Best Fishing Seasons in Dubai

The major fishing season in Dubai is from January to May. Summer is the most delightful season for deep sea fishing, particularly productive at sunrise, sunset, and full moon. There are plenty of fish during the winter, and the beach is full of fish year-round, provided you have the proper gear and time to wait for them.

Deep Sea fishing in Dubai


For an ultimate fishing experience, book a deep sea fishing trip with Beach Riders Dubai. Whether you are a fishing enthusiast or an ocean lover, you will enjoy a rare, enjoyable, and fascinating fishing trip that will be remembered for a lifetime. Don’t miss out on creating lasting memories and exploring the deep waters surrounded by stunning landscapes. Book your trip now and experience the best deep sea fishing Dubai has to offer.

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