10 Fun Things To Do This Winter in Dubai 2023-24

You may be looking for a place to spend your winter holidays. If you are then Dubai is the ideal place to be at. There are various reasons to choose Dubai as the ideal vacation destination this winter. One of the reasons is that the weather and temperature are conducive and there are many activities making your vacation days full of fun, excitement and adventure. Few reputable and licensed water sports rental organizations in Dubai can be your best partner making it possible to have an excellent vacation in Dubai.

The fun things to do in Dubai during winter vacation

Dubai is not only where you can view high-rise skyscrapers, and appreciate a luxurious lifestyle and excellent shopping experience. In recent years, water sports and, a few indoor and outdoor activities have gained popularity and made Dubai a hot spot for vacationers. Professional water sports rental organizations make it possible to enjoy any kind of water sports that you desire to enjoy. It is fun to try any water sports and make your vacation days full of excitement and adventure. It would be wise to know about a few water sports and other activities that you can participate in Dubai as you plan your vacation.

Self-Drive Boat Riding


When you think of a speedboat, you imagine that a captain will be driving the boat and you will be a passenger. However, would it not be excellent if you could drive a speedboat, enjoy the excitement and adventure of speed, splashing water, and enjoy the surroundings? Yes, that is what is possible if you select one of the self-drive boat-riding packages.

How exciting is Self-drive Boat Riding?

This is a unique water sport allowing you to ride a speedboat yourself. It is possible to rent the best quality well-maintained speedboat to enjoy this water sport. You can enjoy the ultimate water sports adventure during your Dubai vacation. As you captain your speedboat, you can explore the stunning shoreline of Dubai at your own pace. It is not that you need to have prior boating experience to enjoy this water sport.

Ideal Location for Self-drive Boat Ride in Dubai

You can ride the boat at a speed that you desire and have an exciting and adventurous ride. You can pass by the iconic landmarks like Palm Jumeirah, and Atlantis the Palm. You can have an amazing view of the iconic skyline of Dubai Marina. You can stop at places and have a photo shoot. Many such organizations are present at Dubai Marina and JBR and make it possible for you to enjoy this fun-filled, exciting and adventurous water sports.

Self-drive Boat Ride Cost in Dubai

There are a few tour packages from which you can choose when you desire to experience a self-drive boat ride.

✅ The packages vary from 400 AED to 950 AED.

 It is also possible to have up to 40% off at times, making the rates even more affordable.

It is possible to call or text the water sports rental organizations to book a ride even before you reach Dubai. You can pay using various options like VISA Card, MasterCard and many other means.



Parasailing in Dubai Marina stands out as it offers you the opportunity to have a unique view of the city’s beauty while you fly high above the gleaming water of the Marina. You can enjoy this fun-filled activity with your entire family. If you undertake this adventurous activity in Dubai Marina, you will have the opportunity to have a bird’s eye view of Dubai city and the Arabian Gulf. The wind and the sun brushing your body along with the bird’s eye view of the city will let you have a feeling of pure freedom. You will be looking down upon the luxurious yachts, and the towers, and witness the lively activity of the Marina from high above. It is a sight, which only a selected few have the chance to view.

Best Locations to Enjoy Parasailing in Dubai

There are various places in Dubai where you can enjoy parasailing. You can be at JBR Beach, Al Sufouh Beach, Aquaventure Beach, or Burj Beach. It would be best to be with reputable water sports rental organizations as they have an idea of the best location.

The Cost of Parasailing in Dubai

The preliminary question that might bother you may be the cost.

✅ The cost varies between AED350 to AED400 per person.
✅ If you are with the best water sports rental organizations in Dubai, you can expect to have 20 to 25% off.
✅ Some of those organizations also have a special birthday parasailing package where you need to pay 600 AED.



Are you longing to feel the rush of adrenaline as you surf along the coastline of Dubai? If you are then you cannot avoid trying kitesurfing. The constant sunshine, friendly water and spotless beaches make Dubai an ideal destination for kitesurfing.

What is the experience during Kitesurfing?

In this water sport, a large parachute-type kite attached to a surfboard will help you glide over the tranquil water of the Arabian Gulf. The kite harnesses the wind power to pull you over water. The ride is full of fun and excitement.

Places to Enjoy Kitesurfing in Dubai

There are various places in Dubai where you can enjoy kitesurfing. You can be at JBR, Palm Jumeirah, Kite Beach or Sunset Beach to enjoy this sport. As September to May is the perfect time to enjoy this water sport, your winter vacation will be an ideal time to enjoy this fun-filled water sport.

Before the ride, professional trainers will guide you on how to ride safely. They also make it possible to rent the best equipment making it possible to enjoy a safe ride.

Cost to Kitesurf in Dubai

It is not expensive to kitesurf in Dubai. Affordable packages are making it possible for you to enjoy the sport well within your budget.

✅ The price ranges from 350 AED to 700 AED for 2 hours.

It would be wise to know certain facts before you try kitesurfing. It is wise to have a training session before you try kitesurfing yourself. It is best to pay attention to the instructions given by the instructor so that you do not miss anything. This attention will ensure that you will have a safe kitesurfing ride.



The water sports industry is growing at a rapid pace in Dubai and the regulation of the Dubai Maritime City Authority has made it possible to have a safe experience of various adventurous and exciting water sports. Flyboarding is one such water sport that can bring fun, excitement and adventure to your vacation.

If you desire to explore the famous landmarks and architecture of Dubai, then flyboarding is the ideal water sport to undertake. Dubai is a man-made heaven due to the various fascinating destinations and skyline views. Flyboarding will offer you an aquatic angle to view all those while you flyboard.

You can enjoy the magnificent Dubai skyline without travelling through the city roads. As you experience flyboarding, the skyline will unfold itself in front of you.

How exciting is Flyboarding?

Flyboarding is a family-friendly activity. One needs to be 12 years old to be a passenger or 16 to be a pilot. This age flexibility makes this water sport an ideal activity to enjoy during a vacation in Dubai. You will stand on the powerful foot-mount connected by a long hose to watercraft, and with jet nozzles. The water is forced to pressurize your pair of boots. The dynamic boost will provide you with total freedom and the power to fly in any direction. So, if you are looking for a fun-filled, adventurous and exciting water sport for your entire family, flyboarding is the one to select.

Price to Pay to Flyboard in Dubai

There are a few flyboarding packages.

✅ Your expenses will be between 500 AED and 900 AED to enjoy this water sport.

Irrespective of the Dubai flyboarding package you select you can expect to have the same nature of professional services.

Ideal Location to Enjoy Flyboarding in Dubai

Reliable water sports rental organizations are operational at Dubai Marina and JBR. So, while booking mention the place where you desire to enjoy the sport. It is wise to book early to maximize your chance of getting the day and time you prefer.

Fly Fish Rides

Irrespective of your time of being in Dubai, you can enjoy flyfish rides. If you are with the best water sports rental organization, they will arrange for a session of this water sport for your family. Since this is a highly popular water sport, it is wise to book early.

What is Fly Fish Ride?

It is quite impossible to explain in words the thrilling and exciting experience that you can have while fly fishing. However, you can have a slight idea if you imagine yourself along with a few others in your family strapped to an E-shaped inflatable with a speedboat dragging you. As the boat drags the inflatable, you rise above the water and feel the wind rush through your hair while at the same time the Dubai skyline pass by you.

The team of professional instructors will give the necessary instructions before the ride. You do not have to worry about anything, as the crewmembers will take care of everything to deliver an extraordinary, thrilling experience with proper safety. Fly fish ride will unlock the limitations of excitement and make you witness Dubai from a different perspective.

The Cost to Fly Fish in Dubai

There are a few fly fish packages to have a look at.

✅ The cost varies from 450 AED to 900 AED depending on the duration of the adventure.

So, you can easily understand that without bursting your budget, you can enjoy fly fishing in Dubai

Places to Enjoy Fly Fishing in Dubai

It is possible to enjoy fly fishing on almost all the beaches in Dubai. However, Dubai Marina and JBR are the two ideal places where you can enjoy the most. Licensed water sports rental organizations are operational at both of these places so you can expect to have the best experience if you are with them in Dubai Marina or JBR. They are operational from 9 AM to 6 PM on Monday to Sunday. You can select any time within this period to book your slot.

So, if you are in search of an adventurous, fun-filled and exciting water sport in Dubai for your entire family, during your winter vacation it is fly fishing.

Donut Rides

This water sport is like fly fish but not the same. During a donut ride, a speedboat pulls a donut-shaped inflatable. Your entire family can sit on the donut and feel the water splash in an enthralling ride over the huge water boundary. It is not only fun-filled but enables one to have a different perspective of Dubai’s skyline.

Ideal Location to Enjoy Donut Rides in Dubai

Dependable water rental organizations in Dubai are open from 9 AM to sunset at Dubai Marina and JBR. During booking, specify the place and time when you desire to enjoy the ride.

The cost of Enjoying Donut Rides in Dubai

The popularity of this water sport is because it is a family-friendly activity and the possibility to enjoy the sport by paying affordable rent when you are with the best water sports rental organization in Dubai. If we have a look at the donut boat ride packages we offer, it will be clear why it is possible to enjoy this sport without breaking your budget.

✅ The cost varies between 450 AED to 900 AED. This cost covers all the rental charges and associated expenses.

Banana Boat Rides

You may not have much acquaintance with banana boat rides. However, after reading you will know why and how to enjoy this water sports in Dubai.

What is the experience during Banana Boat Ride?

A Banana boat ride is a ride on a banana-shaped boat towed by a speedboat. You will be having a rush through the crystal water in Dubai and experience an adrenaline rush, which no other water sports make it possible to experience. You will feel the splash and force of water as a speedboat will tow your boat.

The popularity of this sport is because it is a family-friendly activity allowing your entire family to enjoy the fun at the same time. Moreover, it is a safe sport and water sports rental organizations in Dubai follow all safety norms so that untoward incidents do not happen. It will also be not out of place to state that it is possible to enjoy the sport by paying affordable rental charges.

Ideal Location to Enjoy Banana Boat Ride in Dubai

Various water sports rental organizations are operational at Dubai Marina and JBR. So, you can enjoy this water sport at any one of the two locations. It is wise to book early to maximize your chance to have the opportunity to enjoy the sport at your preferred time and date.

The Cost to Enjoy Banana Boat Ride in Dubai

If we have a look at the banana boat ride packages, we will notice it is quite affordable to enjoy the banana boat ride.

✅ You need to spend between 450 AED to 900 AED to enjoy this water sport.

You can select any of the packages without any hesitation, as you will enjoy the same nature of professional services from them.

Indoor Skydiving

Your senses will always enjoy fun and excitement when in Dubai, as it is a city of wonders. It is not that only water sports can make it possible for you to have fun-filled vacation days. The idea of indoor skydiving in Dubai will not come to you as a surprise as it is a city where you can expect unexpected things to happen. There are various facilities where you can enjoy the excitement of a free fall and feel the adrenalin rush same as when you jump from an airplane. All your family members can enjoy this amazing and exciting activity. It will be a fun-filled day when you are at such a facility.

How exciting is Indoor Skydiving?

You need to wear a wind-suit and eye protection and the other safety gear provided to, safely enjoy the sports. After the safety check, you need to go ahead and drive. The strong gust of wind will fly you away making it possible to have an exciting experience.

Are there any restrictions to enjoy this sport?

As said, all your family members can enjoy the sports. However, there are some restrictions.

✅ If you are exhausted, do not try this sport.
✅ If someone is pregnant, it is wise to avoid this activity.
✅ It would be wise to restrict children below 3 to participate.
✅ If you have a shoulder problem avoid this activity.
✅ You should not be under the influence of alcohol when trying this activity.

Ideal Locations to Enjoy Indoor Skydiving in Dubai

There are quite a few places where you can enjoy indoor skydiving in Dubai. You can be at iFly Dubai at Third Floor, Play Nation Area, City Centre Mirdif to enjoy this sport.

Cost to Enjoy Indoor Skydiving in Dubai

There are various indoor skydiving packages. You can select according to your budget and the desired duration of the experience.

✅ For 149 AED, you can expect to have a training session, 2 flights, flight gear, one one-on-one flying instructor and a flying certificate.
✅If you spend 199 AED, you can present that to anyone.
If you are an experienced flyer, paying 1750 AED you can have flight gears and enjoy for one hour. You can also avail few other packages.

Sky Diving

It is not that when you are in Dubai, you can only enjoy an excellent view of Burj Khalifa from land and sea, explore the Dubai Mall, and enjoy a helicopter ride. There is much more that you can do in Dubai. Skydiving is one such exciting, and adventurous activity that can help you to have fun-filled vacation days.

How adventurous is Skydiving? 

This activity involves jumping from a plane while traveling at a high speed. If you are a beginner, you will stay strapped to an experienced skydiver. If you have a skydiving license, it is possible to enjoy the jump solo. After you have registered for the activity, you will have all your equipment. There will be a safety check and then you will fly to a height. After the jump for the first 60 seconds, you will experience the free fall. As you reach a certain height, the parachute will open. For the next 4 to 5 minutes, you will enjoy a breathtaking view of Dubai from high above and finally land safely.

However, there are some restrictions. You need to be over 18 years old to enjoy the sport. You should not be under the influence of alcohol and you must be healthy.

Ideal Locations to Enjoy Skydiving in Dubai

It is possible to enjoy this outdoor sport at Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Desert Camp. You can enjoy this sport even if you are a beginner.

Cost to Enjoy Skydiving in Dubai

✅ The price to enjoy skydiving at Palm Drop Zone is 2199 AED. The same at Desert Drop Zone is 1699 AED.

Quad Biking

The Desert is an integral part of Dubai. If you are in Dubai and do not experience desert adventures then your vacation will not be complete.

What is the experience during Quad Biking?

Quad Biking is one such activity that will enable you to have an adventurous, exciting and fun-filled enjoyment in the desert. Even if you have, experience riding the quad bike or not, the quad bike instructors will teach and guide you until you get comfortable driving your quad bike on your own.

It is possible to explore the Dubai desert at your own pace when you try this activity. It is possible to have the best equipment and services of a professional instructor if you are with a reliable rental organization. It is for sure you will not forget the tour. It is always wise to maintain the safety measures and standards to enjoy safely.

It is a sport that allows you to feel the thrill of riding a quad in the Arabian Desert without any restrictions. As part of the tour, you can enjoy the luxury of the dune with your entire family. The artistic route and the professional guides will maximize the fun part of the tour. Moreover, you do not need to have any prior experience to drive a quad bike. You just need to follow the instructions of the professional guide.

Ideal Locations to Enjoy Quad Biking in Dubai

There are quite a few places to enjoy quad biking in Dubai. You can be at the Arabian Desert to enjoy quad biking. You can also be at Burj Khalifa Level 124 and 125 to enjoy this sport.

Cost of Quad Biking in Dubai

The package you book will allow you to select a 350, 400 CC or even bigger quad bike, avail pick-up, and drop facility, and enjoy the services of the best tour guide. The price of quad biking depends on the nature of the quad you hire and the duration of the tour.

✅ If you opt for a 250 CC bike and wish to enjoy the ride for 30 minutes, the cost will be 100 AED.
✅ You need to pay 450 AED for a tour of an hour on Am Renegade 570 CC quad.

The prices differ based on location, duration, group size, inclusions and seasonal variation. There are less costly packages.

✅ Your kid can enjoy the ride for 30 minutes on a single-seat kids bike of 90 CC for 90 AED.
✅ If the duration is for an hour, the rate will be 150 AED. There are other packages for 150 CC, 250 CC, 450 CC and 700 CC bikes.

You can select from the various packages on offer. There are guided tours, self-guided tours, group adventures and sunset or sunrise tours.

Having an idea of a few fun things you can do in Dubai; it would be wise to plan your winter vacation here.

If you are thinking about which water sports rental organization to be with then Beach Riders Dubai is the one reputed and licensed organization who can help you to enjoy your winter vacation in Dubai. We have been in business for the last eight years and have been offering services to the entire satisfaction of our customers. Our packages are affordable, our services professional, our equipment of the best standard and we operate at ideal locations. It is possible to call or text us at +971 588 224 410 to make a booking.

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