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Get the Luxury Yacht Rental in Dubai Marina

Have you ever imagined what would be the experience with your loved ones amidst the sea? If not then think once! It will be a great fun and thrilling experience. And we at Beach Riders Dubai can guarantee you that with our exclusive Yacht rental in Dubai. Whether you want to take a ride around the sea to relish Dubai Marina in our yacht, swim in the blue ocean or take delight in a party on the yacht, we can organize that for you.

When you are in a visit to the mesmerizing Dubai Marina or you are a resident here, visiting the blue water sea of Dubai is a must for you at least once. You will get the opportunity to admire the exquisiteness and luxury with Yacht rental Dubai Marina. when you come across the sparkling waves, sandy beaches and spectacular architecture of the coastline of Dubai.

Luxury Yacht Rental Dubai Packages

Dubai Marina Boat Ride That You Will Love for Sure!

If you are planning for a Dubai Marina boat ride, then look no further than us. You just need to let us know the number of people, hours you are planning to cruise or party, activities you wish to enjoy on the boat and other details and our expert team will arrange everything for you. As we possess an extensive fleet of boats, we offer you the best services at the most reasonable rates. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed with our exclusive Dubai Marina boat ride services. In fact, you would love to come again. Our services aren’t just limited to Dubai Marina boat rides but we also provide a number of adventure and fun rides along with yachts.

Dreamlike Experience With Our Boat Ride in Dubai Marina

Indulge and explore the blue waters of Dubai like never before with our Dubai Marina boat ride services. At Beach Riders Dubai, we specialize in providing Dubai Marina boat ride packages for vacationers looking to experience something exciting and new in Dubai. We assure you that you will have a Dubai Marina boat ride that will take you on an exploration of hidden bays that is just unbeatable.

We at Beach Riders Dubai possess years of expertise and experience in offering the most luxurious boat rides in Dubai that raise the bar. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we serve to transform your Dubai Marina boat ride experience extremely unforgettable. We possess an amazing line-up of boats and yachts that are accompanied by certified and professional onboard crew that is committed to deliver unmatched service every time.

Custom Tailored Dubai Marina Boat Ride Services

At Beach Riders Dubai, we are committed to providing vacationers an ideally custom-tailored Dubai Marina boat ride packages that match and suit best to the personal preferences and requirements of the vacationers. We take pride in providing the best boat ride and yacht experiences to vacationers wishing to explore Dubai in a unique way.

So let us plan an exciting and incredible boat ride experience in Dubai together, contact us today!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are Luxury Yacht Rental Dubai Packages in Beach Riders Dubai?

Luxury Yacht Rental Dubai Packages in Beach Riders Dubai, Sundancer 36 yacht price is AED 500 capacity 10 persons, AZIMUT 42FT DELTA DIAMOND yacht price is AED 600 capacity 15 persons, MAJESTY 44FT SUPER CLASS LUXURY yacht price is AED 650 Capacity 12 persons, MAJESTY 50 LUXURY GOLD yacht price is AED 700 capacity 16 persons, AL SHALI 52 Ft yacht price is AED 750 capacity 18 persons and Majesty 55ft yacht price is AED 800 capacity 20 persons. For more information visit our website or call us at +971 588 224 410.

How do I Book a Luxury Yacht Rental in Beach Riders Dubai?

If you have any questions about our prices or services then get in touch by calling us on +971 588224410 or emailing To book a Luxury Yacht Rental you can do this via the form on our website or alternatively you can click on the Whatsapp icon on our site and send us a message directly.

Where are you allowed to go in the yacht?

When you rent a yacht in Dubai with Beach Riders Dubai, You plan to ride a yacht, swim in the blue ocean, or enjoy a full-on party we can arrange all that for you. You are on a visit to Dubai Marina or you reside in this beautiful place, you must visit the sea of Dubai at least once. You admire the beauty and richness of Dubai when the sparkling waves, sandy beaches, and dramatic architecture of Dubai’s coastline come across you.

Make a Memorable Experience with Yachting in Dubai.

If you’re taking a trip to Dubai and are bored of the crowded areas, you can end your trip with an unforgettable luxurious Yacht in Dubai. It is a cult activity and we recommend that you don’t skip it while you are in Dubai. The experience of sailing through blue waters with exquisite dining and comfy seating is an experience that you will never forget. There are a lot of things to enjoy throughout Dubai and if you’re seeking to remain there for a brief duration it is likely that you’ll have a difficult time narrowing down the top ones, and yacht in Dubai marina is one of the most popular activities. Dubai tourism is already begun planning the establishment of the first luxury yacht club.

It is an enjoyable activity to go on a private yacht charter in Dubai for a variety of reasons. A number of renowned yacht charters from Dubai like Beach Riders Dubai offer a variety of thrilling activities and amazing services of yacht rental in dubai. There’s plenty to can do when you’re on the water! A majority of cruise parties take place on boats where professional DJs make you spin and spin around alongside your family and friends eating delicious food and admiring the stunning views of Dubai’s blue water is sure to be an unforgettable experience. People who are tired of long and boring trips can enjoy a time away from the bustle and noise of the city and enjoy and enjoy a private cruise aboard an elegant yacht rental Dubai. You will be able to spend quality and unforgettable moments with family and friends while the vessel glides along tranquil waters.

A yacht charter Dubai is a glitzy and extravagant experience in full. During this cruise, you can explore by cruising past the iconic hotel Atlantis as well as other famous landmarks. 

The top reasons to go on a Dubai yacht cruise include enjoying the vast deck of a luxurious vessel and world-class service by the top servers. The experience is beyond description and will be far beyond your imagination. An excursion to Dubai without yachting isn’t complete and isn’t just an activity that can induce relaxation but also a moment drenched in luxuriousness. The yacht is luxuriously equipped both inside and out and you can pick from several choices of boats at reasonable dubai yacht rental prices

How do I get to Yachting to Dubai?

If you are interested in Dubai yacht rental, Beach Riders Dubai will take care of the booking in advance to prevent the pressure on the availability of boats. Yachting begins at Dubai Marina. Dubai Marina area and it can take between 10 and 15 minutes to drive between Deira or Bur Dubai regions.

Best time to experience Yachting in Dubai

It is possible to go on luxury yacht rental Dubai from 9:00 AM to 10:00 pm every day. Dubai’s peak season runs from November and March. You are also able to visit the miracle gardens as well as the Dubai Shopping Festival.