Jumeirah Beach – the Crown Jewel of Dubai Coastline. A Comprehensive Guide about Jumeirah Beach

Are you wondering about the best destination that offers a fantastic experience of the Dubai coastline? Look no further than the iconic and famous Jumeirah beach. This beach has the reputation as an extensive white, sandy beach perfect for relaxing and basking in the sun. In addition to the world-class, luxurious hotels, the beach has a plethora of water and adventure sports to choose from.

Before evolving into a renowned residential area for elite families and western expatriates, this beach was once a significant fishing and pearl farming center. Surprisingly, the beachfront location went by the name of Chicago beach till late 1990. After the demolition of the Chicago beach hotel, the construction of Burj Al Arab began.

The principal categorization of Jumeirah consists of three areas: Jumeirah 1, Jumeirah 2, and Jumeirah 3. These facts will excite you if you plan to experience Jumeirah beach.

A Scintillating Spot to Relish Water Sports

The beach stretches for more than seven kilometers along the Arabian gulf. You can have your go at exhilarating water sports starting from the basic ones like swimming, sailing, and banana boat riding to more exciting ones like jet skiing, scuba diving, windsurfing, parasailing, snorkeling, etc. Lifeguards are always on the watch to provide all necessary safety and assistance for visitors to enjoy responsibly. All you require is appropriate gear, sunglasses, and sunscreen to get going.

Breathtakingly Beautiful Attractions and Landmarks

Jumeirah beach district is famous for some magnificent landmarks, and the Burj Al Arab tops the chart. This hotel has the unique distinction as the only seven-star hotel with the tag of an unofficial eighth wonder of the world. Other major attractions include the Grand Jumeirah mosque, its standout architecture, and the Sheik Mohammed center for cultural understanding. At the heart of the district is the Palm Jumeirah — the palm-shaped artificial island.

The island is home to a horde of luxury apartments, villas, and hotels. The most prominent of them is the Palm Atlantis. Resorts, stays, and spa boutiques are in abundance in this locality. You can book your stay at these hotels through online reservations hassle-free.

Fine Dining and Exuberant Nightlife

Your taste palette will never run out of options after enjoying water sports on scorching summer days with the number of options available at beach restaurants and bars. Choose from delicious cuisines like Arabic, Italian, Continental, Chinese, Indian, and more to appease your taste buds prepared by internationally renowned chefs. The nightlife at the Jumeirah is sophisticated, elegant, and exuberant, with a swarm of bars, pubs, and nightclubs flourishing as the night ages.

Something for All Age Groups

You don’t have to worry about your little ones while you get going to explore Jumeirah. The beach has specialized parks and plays areas that easily appeal to kids and keeps them amused throughout the day. Jumeirah open beach park, wild Wadi water park, and Umm Sequim park are the go-to venues for a family picnic with exclusive children’s play area.

Ease of Accessibility

The beach is only a few blocks from the city center and is effortlessly accessible from Jumeirah road. You can avail of transport facilities like the metro system, regular bus and coach services. For international travelers, the nearest airport is the Dubai international airport which is 30 km away.

Highlights of Jumeirah Beach

  • Water Sports

Water sports are a great way to explore the Dubai coastline, and what’s a better starting point than Jumeirah beach? The beach is an ecstatic location for a wide range of water sports you can enjoy. Popular water activities like speed boat rides, jet ski rides, jet car rides, and parasailing to adventure rides like flyboarding, wakeboarding, E foil Rental, etc., are available at hand at this magnificent beachfront.

  • Adventure activities
  • Sun Lounge
  • Park Visits
  • Grabbing Food on the go
  • Bar hopping and many more

The vibrance and energy at the Jumeirah beach are not for the faint of heart. You will never fall short of ways to make your Jumeirah experience memorable. All you need is a partner to help you leave no stone unturned while your visit to the beach district.

Beach Rider Dubai can help you experience the beauty and charm of this exotic beach with its myriad of water sports and recreational activities. Get in touch with us to begin your Dubai water sports experience

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