How does parasailing in Dubai compare to other water sports activities?

Dubai is well-known for its modern buildings and state-of-the-art architecture, but what captures thrill seekers’ and adventure enthusiasts’ attention is the azure blue waters of the Persian Gulf. So if you are wondering what are the best water sports activities in Dubai that will suit your tastes in a better way then we have curated a guide to help you know. 

Parasailing In Dubai: Enjoying The Birds Eye’s View

Parasailing gives you the thrill and extravagance to experience the thrilling beauty of Dubai’s skyscrapers from above. There isn’t a better way to spend your trip to Dubai than parasailing, you are lifted above the azure waters by a parachute and a speedboat takes you around. The stunning views of Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, and Palm Jumeirah will all tantalize your vision.

Best Time To Experience Parasailing In Dubai 

If you want to enjoy parasailing in Dubai to the fullest then you must know about the best time to experience this activity. A parasailing tour is all about weather and wind conditions which affect it the most. The best time to try parasailing is between November and April. Unlike scorching summers, the weather is pleasant and makes it a good time to try this activity. 

Dubai parasailing price depends highly upon peak season as well as off-season, you may have to pay around AED 420 (USD 114) for a 15-minute parasail. But this price generally becomes higher during peak seasons. 

Best Places For Parasailing In Dubai

Listed below are some best places to experience the thrill of parasailing in Dubai: 

  • Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR):  Parasailing in Dubai Marina & JBR can be the best if you are looking for places to parasail, as it has panoramic views as well as trendy shops as well as restaurants. It may be slightly more costly than the rest of the parasailing places but the view can fill in for the loss, it has stunning scrapers lining its harbour like Ain Dubai. 
  • Aquaventure Beach: This beach is located at the famous water park Aquaventure, this parasailing place combines the adrenaline rush and excitement of seeing the water rides. The Aquaventure allows you a different kind of experience, seeing the water slides from above is thrilling on its own, but to get here you have to pay a fee along with paying the parasailing to get to the beach. 
  • Kite Beach: You get to witness the extravaganza of the tallest building, if you choose to parasail here, you get to appreciate the beauty of Burj Khalifa as well as the surrounding Downtown Dubai district. Proximity to this landmark also makes it for a lot of memorable photos. 

Other Water Activities

You can enjoy a lot of water activities other than parasailing in Dubai, we have listed some of them below: 

Jet Ski: You can enjoy turquoise waters or blast past the stunning iconic skyscrapers like Burj Al Arab with Jet Ski rental in Dubai. With Jet Ski, you get to control your speed and you get to choose what you want to do, whether it is searching hidden coves or just enjoying the waves. 

Jet Ski rental in Dubai


Wakeboarding: Enjoy a wakeboarding adventure in Dubai and test your balance as well as coordination. Dubai has it all if you are looking to enjoy wakeboarding in Dubai, it has something for beginners as well as professionals. You get to enjoy the thrill of mastering new skills as well as enjoying skimming over the waters. 


wakeboarding adventure in Dubai


Kayaking: You get to savor the tranquility of Dubai’sa coastline with a kayaking adventure in Dubai. If you are not a fan of speed then this slow-paced adventure lets you explore Dubai’s water treasures the hidden coves and inlet at your pace. 


kayaking adventure in Dubai


Flyboarding: Enjoy the thrill of being raised high in the air with the help of a high-tech water jet pack. You get to soar like a superhero, performing dives against a beautiful background. In this water activity, you get to enjoy a thrill as well as capture stunning photos. 


Flyboarding adventure in Dubai


Parasailing in Dubai vs Other Water Activities

If you are wondering whether you should choose parasailing in Dubai or any other water sports then it all depends on your choice. Here are some things you can consider before going forward in choosing one: 

  • Adventure and Thrill:If the only reason you are after water activity is that you want adventure and an adrenaline rush then considering jet skiing, flyboarding, or wakeboarding is a better option. Parasailing, on the other hand, offers a more relaxed experience, allowing you to witness stunning views.
  • Physical Activity: If you are someone who is fit and can manage to coordinate two things at the same time then wakeboarding or flyboarding may be the option for you. And if you are not then Parasailing suits you. 
  • Budget: If you are on a tight budget then you can consider other activities or you can take Beach Riders Dubai’s help and go on parasailing without spending much. 

Wrapping Up

Regardless of what you choose among the two, Dubai can be the best place to enjoy the water sports activities guaranteeing that you have a great time while you are here. We have highlighted all the options that you can choose from the above two. And if you get stuck because you are finding it hard to learn how to parasail or jetski you can come to us, at Beach Riders Dubai, we ensure that you have a good time here.

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