The Ultimate Self-Drive Boat Tour Experience in Dubai

Dubai is all about the energy of innovation as well as luxury. This country gives you all you want, a little architectural marvel, a lot of adventure, and a stunning skyline and coastline. Tourists come to immerse themselves in the myriad of best water activities in Dubai. One of them includes a self-drive boat tour which can be enjoyed and savoured with picturesque views. We have listed the guide to enjoy a self-drive boat tour without any restrictions or complications, so let’s take you on a self-boat tour. 

About Self-Drive Boat Tour

Self Drive Boat Tour activity in Dubai makes you master your boat along the vast waters of Dubai Marina. This allows you to create your path whether you are up to exploring skyscrapers along the Dubai Marina or you want to cruise past the stunning Palm Jumeirah. 

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How Much Self-Drive Boat Tour Costs? 

If you are thinking about the cost of a self-drive boat tour, then it all depends upon the type of boat, time of the tour as well as additional amenities that may be included. Prices of a self-drive boat tour can range from AED 500 to AED 2000 per hour with options that you want to rent the boat for half day or full day. 

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Self-Drive Boat Tour in Dubai 

Dubai has a lot of scope for enjoying a self-drive boat tour, it has a range of well-maintained and high-technology vessels. We at Beach Riders Dubai, provide you with self-drive boat rental in Dubai, these boats have the latest navigation, and provide you with the utmost safety. The rentals we provide range from high to low priced so they can fit in your budget. 

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Self-Drive Boat Tour Routes 

Before you go on a self-drive boat tour, you need to find a route that fits your expectations. Either choose to navigate the Dubai Marina, cruise along Palm Jumeirah, or explore the vibrant waters of the World Islands. No matter what you choose, whether it is the panoramic views or the stunning skyline, you will find a route that suits your tastes. 

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Best Time to Go On a Self-Drive Boat Tour 

If you are eager to enjoy your self-drive boat tour then you must find out the best time to enjoy this activity. The best time to savour in self-drive boat tour then October to April months can be best, at this time the temperature is suitable for outdoor activities. When you visit during this season you can enjoy the picturesque waterways as well as capture beautiful portraits. 

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Things To Know Before You Set On a Self-Drive Boat Tour 

Before you go on a self-drive boat tour you should keep in mind the following things:

  • Get To Know Your Boat

Before you step up on the engine and get going you should familiarise yourself with the boat. Get to know its controls, layout, and safety features before you start your tour. You are the master of your boat, so learning more about the boat will help you drive smoothly. 

  • Check The Weather 

You certainly can’t go on a rainy day for a boat tour, so you need to know about the weather. You should avoid going on a boat tour during adverse conditions like heavy rain, hailstorms, or strong winds. 

  • Plan Where You Want To Head To

Before embarking on a fruitful journey it is advised that you know the route that you would be choosing. This helps you know if there will be any hazards, navigational markers, or restrictions on your way. You can enjoy your journey if you are on a clear path without any constraints or restrictions. 

  • Dress According To The Occasion

You should check what the weather conditions are so you can know what you should wear. Additionally, you should check if you have sun protection things, a hat, sunglasses, as well as slip proof slippers. 

  • Bring Navigational Tools

You must bring with you important navigation tools like GPS, charts, or maps so you can find your route easily. You should also check if you know how to use GPS and read charts and maps before you set sail.

Don’t Forget To Enjoy

Even if you can’t go too far or you forget the way, you should never forget to enjoy yourselves. Bring entertainment items and pack snacks as well as drinks to keep you hydrated. You must take care of yourself along with taking care of your boat. 

Wrapping Up 

Self-drive boat tours can be an exciting way to explore the waterways as well as Dubai Marina. Along with doing exploration, you can take stunning pictures with the background of Dubai’s skyline as well as the coastline. There is the added benefit of not getting any permission to drive a boat and getting to enjoy your journey. Dubai boasts a lot of adventure activities among which self-drive boats can be one of the best ones.

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