Try Beach Riders Dubai to Experience Yacht Rental Dubai Marina

Visiting Dubai can be a whole different experience. You can explore must-see attractions such as iconic hotels, desert retreats, chic malls, island getaways, and many more. The adventure opportunities are endless; yacht rental Dubai marina is one of the exciting things to do! It is an experience amidst the sea with your loved ones. You only imagine how thrilling and fun an experience it would be until you get your luxury yacht rental Dubai Marina


Beach Riders Dubai specializes in boat ride services. Be it a ride around the Dubai Marina, a delightful party on the yacht, or a swim in the blue ocean, we can organize everything from A to Z for you. When visiting Dubai, missing the opportunity to visit Dubai’s mesmerizing blue water sea is quite a loss of experience to feel and see the luxury and exquisiteness of Dubai when you get to see those sandy beaches, sparkling water, and incredible architecture along the coastline of Dubai. 


We offer over 14 packages for yacht rental with several people you can bring on the yacht. Packages at Beach Riders Dubai are:


● Sundancer 36, with 10 people accommodation

● Azimut 42 ft Delta Diamond, with 15 people accommodation 

● Majesty 44 ft Super Class Luxury, with 12 people accommodation 

● Majesty 50 Luxury Gold, with 16 people accommodation 

● Al Shali 52 ft, with 18 people accommodation 

● Majesty 55 ft, with 20 people accommodation 

● Majesty 58 fr, with 23 people accommodation 

● Azimut 62 Freedom, with 25 people accommodation 

● Majesty 77 ft, with 42 people accommodation 

● Sanlorenzo 82 ft, with 40 people accommodation 

● Majesty 85 ft, with 50 people accommodation 

● Majesty 88 ft Royal Luxury Yacht, with 45 people accommodation 

● Majesty 90 ft, with 42 people accommodation 

● Majesty 101 ft, with 50 people accommodation 


If you are looking for boat rides or yacht rentals, you do not need to look further. You need to let us know your plans and guest lists. The hours you plan to cruise or party, the number of guests attending the cruise or party, activities you plan on experiencing on the boat, and everything. You need to communicate all these details to our team, and everything will be arranged exactly what and how you want, only for you. 


We promise to give you a dreamlike experience with our boat ride and yacht services. We can say one thing proudly that we have never let a visitor go back without making them want to come back and join us at the luxury yacht rental Dubai marina. So visit us for a good time!

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