Exploring Dubai’s Maritime Heritage: From Traditional Dhow Cruises to Modern Yacht Tours

Are you tired of monotonous routines and want an escape? Is there a better option than exploring the beautiful scene of Dubai? Dubai is an important example of modern infrastructure, beauty, and water adventure. And if you want to explore all that, wouldn’t it be better to explore it on a yacht or cruise? So let’s explain to you more about what would be better for you a yacht or a Dhow cruise. 

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Exploring Traditional Dhow Cruises 

Dhow a traditional sailing vessel made of wood, has been an important part of Dubai’s marine culture for ages. Dhow boats once were a connection between Dubai and neighboring regions including the peninsula and beyond. They were also called the lifeline of trade. These cruises blend the luxurious banquets with traditional Arabic culture. 

These Dhow cruises generally take off from Dubai Creek which is a natural inlet and also from Dubai Marina which is an artificial canal city. The cruise can be enjoyed only at these two places, you can enjoy a scrumptious dinner while witnessing a beautiful Dubai scene unfold. 

These Dhow cruises have seen a lot of history. You can listen to the stories of adventurous sailors who passed the treacherous waters of the gulf, or you can talk to friendly cruise members and get to know their culture. These cruises have two decks, an upper deck and a lower deck. You can also witness the traditional Tanura dance performance. 

Types Of Dhow Cruises 

There are only two types of Dhow Cruises in Dubai, one is Dhow Creek and the other is Dhow Cruise Marina. So what’s the difference between the two and which one will suit you? 

  • Cost 

While Dhow Creek is much more affordable than Dhow Cruise Marina, at Dhow Cruise Creek you get all the things at half the price. The price depends on quality, but if you are looking for an affordable Dhow cruise then Dhow Cruise Creek can be the best option. 

  • Scenery 

Dhow Cruise Creek doesn’t offer much as the side of the creek gets covered by a promenade and you get nothing to see. But as the promenade passes by, you get to witness the stunning beauty of the ancient part of the city that has Bastakiya Quarter. On the other hand, Dhow Cruise Marina offers you the spectacle of the twisted Cayan Tower, the iconic Marina Tower, and the stunning Palm Jumeirah. 

  • Dining 

At Dhow Cruise Creek you get served with Emirati cuisine and international dishes. While at Dhow Cruise Marina you get gourmet dining plus you get to enjoy live music and performances. You also get to savor fine wines and cocktails. 

Dhow Cruise Marina

Getting To Know Modern Yacht Tours 

You get to know the grand history of Dubai by sailing on the Dhow cruise, while Modern Yacht Tours offers you a glimpse into its opulent present. These tours take you amidst the glittering luxury of Dubai along with offering you state of art amenities. A yacht is suitable for every type of gathering, whether it’s a family tour or a solo extravaganza. 

You get the chance to sail in the pristine waters and enjoy the ultimate luxury tours. The perfect skyline and you get to choose what occasion you are choosing the yacht for. You can rent a yacht through Beach Riders Dubai. We offer you competitive pricing and discounts so that you can enjoy your tour without worrying about your money. 

Getting To Know Modern Yacht Tours

Types of Modern Yacht Charters

  • Full Crewed Yacht: In this type, you are provided with all amenities and the crew takes care of maneuvers, sailing as well as anchoring. They also clean, food, and water activities and help you catch fish. You can take a luxury yacht rental Dubai experience with Beach Riders Dubai.
  • Bareboat Charters: This one gives you all the freedom, you are the one to handle the steering, you anchor the sails, and you make all the arrangements. 
  • By Cabin Charters: This one stands for those who want to experience luxury but can’t afford a private yacht. This one is shared with other guests but you have all your amenities and crew members will do everything.
  • Bareboat Charter with Skipper: This is the normal bareboat charter except for the fact that you have a skipper. 

Types of Modern Yacht Charters

Wrapping Up 

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer the classic Dhow or the modern Yacht, you are exploring the maritime journey of Dubai. Each of these two offers you a unique perspective of Dubai’s evolution from the history of the marine environment.

Beach Riders Dubai gives you a chance to experience this at your comfort and convenience. With special discounts and pricing you can experience the unbelievable Dubai yacht rental prices at Beach Riders Dubai. If you are looking forward to spending a day out on the water there is no need to book an expensive charter. You can avail all the activities from Beach Riders Dubai. 

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