Fly Fish Ride in Dubai: Adventure for Adrenaline Junkies

You will be keen to do it again while feeling the excitement of being on our exclusive Fly Fish that is going up and down in the crystal waters of Dubai, creating an unforgettable moment that you will be happy to repeat.

Fun for Everyone

Let the feeling of the contest be given to your friends and family by sharing the story while you are standing on the sea view.

Goosebumps Guaranteed

Fly over the waters for a moment, feeling the winds up close as the fish weaves, and becoming excited from the sensation of feeling the wind rushing by.

What to Expect

Adrenaline Rush

Make sure you are on board for the greatest adrenaline rush on our Fly Fish ride! Our skilled instructors will be there to assist you throughout the event, ensuring your safety and giving you the best possible time.

Safety First

Before leaving for the adventure, equip yourself with safety jackets and gather the necessary instructions from our experts.

Thrilling Action

Be ready because our waverunner is going to plummet you into the water, and you are going to feel your entire core vibrating as the raft is launched into the air.

Breathtaking Views

Look at Dubai’s modern architecture, skyscrapers, and coastline and get a new view of them which will be the basis for your memories that will last forever.

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Highlights of Fly Fish Ride Dubai

Thrilling Water Ride

You will see the adventure splash and thrust of the water as you are riding on an inflatable raft propelled by a waverunner, creating an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

Peak-Level Excitement

Keep to the raft when it shakes, moves sideways, and goes high in the air, and the excitement you will feel will leave you totally exhilarated.

Breathtaking Scenery

Look at the most striking sights of Dubai’s Arabian coastline, modern architecture, and tall buildings, which are the features that make up a beautiful background of your fly fishing.

Expert Guidance

The instructor, who is an expert, will give you a complete brief on the rules and regulations that you have to follow to start your wonderful ride and make sure it is a safe and fun experience.

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Fly Fish Ride Rental Service in Dubai

Unforgettable Experience

The Fly Fish ride in Dubai will be so unforgettable that you will feel the thrill while you are flying above the waves; you will be happy and will not be able to forget it.

Breathtaking Sights

Flying through the skies over Dubai, its amazing coastline, new architecture, and famous skyscrapers is a thrilling activity.

Safety First

Our well-trained instructors give you the safety instructions for the whole trip, telling you the rules about the safest and the most fun way to move around.

Perfect for Everyone

Whatever your level of adrenaline, you can reach it from our Fly Fish Ride Rental Service as it is designed for every type of adventure on water.

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Before You Go Fly Fishing in Dubai

  • Participation in the program starts at age 12.
  • Bring your towels and aim to get wet.
  • Not for pregnant women or those who have had recent surgery and/or back and neck problems.
  • The instructor can say no if you are not in good form.
  • Be mindful while eating; do not eat heavy food before and after the activity. Avoid alcohol consumption.

Water activities available in Dubai also include JetSki, Wakeboarding, Banana Boat Ride, and many more.

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Create Unforgettable Memories

Get a Fly Fish Ride Rental with Beach Riders Dubai and enjoy the pleasure of flying above the waves in Dubai’s beautiful water.

Laugh-Filled Adventures

The carnival that you go on with your friends, family, or a group is definitely guaranteed to be a laughter-filled experience that you will always remember.

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