How to Make Your Parasailing Experience a Joyride, a Parasailing Guide for Beginners


Watching birds fly over the endless sea to the horizon is a sight to savor. We watch them and envy their mobility. The feeling of wings in your body with an exhilarating view beneath is an experience that words fall short of. This feeling won’t evade you for long when you prepare for your firstRead more

What Are the Best Water Sports Activities in Dubai?

Sport Activities in Code 8 164 Ft Luxury Yacht

For adventure seekers, there’s a wide range of water sports activities in Dubai to make the most of their experience in the gulf. No doubt the city of Dubai is popular for its lavish shopping avenues and chic lifestyle, but the clear blue waters of the Persian Gulf and sparkling beaches give an opportunity toRead more

Parasailing In Dubai – Your Exclusive Water Adventure Activity At Professional Guidance

Parasailing Dubai - Beach Riders Dubai

If you think of Dubai, then the first thing that will come to your mind will undoubtedly the stunning majestic skyline, lavish lifestyle, and grand shopping malls. Apart from that, it also has many things to offer when it comes to thrilling adventures. Dubai offers several possibilities for adrenaline-pumping activities. One popular option is ParasailingRead more